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Changing shape to adjust to digital disruption through innovation

With an ongoing goal to be the best partner to their clients, MinterEllison embarked on a digital transformation journey, with a core strategy focused on growth capability and innovation. Hear from one of the firm’s senior leaders about how digital disruption is affecting the legal industry, and how IT has played a role in helping the firm adjust to these changes in the market. MinterEllison is an international law firm based in Australia, with offices in five countries and 15 cities, including every Australian capital, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Ulaanbaatar.

Learn how Gartner has become a virtual member of MinterEllison’s leadership team, bringing credibility and confidence to senior management, validating their thinking and providing insights, strategic advice and practical tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

How Gartner delivered value

Trusted insights

  • Industry Advisory Services
  • Engagement with Gartner Executive Partner
  • Gartner expert-provided research
  • Gartner conferences

Strategic advice

  • Contextualized guidance from experts
  • Validate thinking and strategic guidance
  • Peer engagement

Practical tools

  • Peer best practices
  • Customized engagement and strategic plans
Gartner is a virtual member of my key leadership team. Really everything I do, whether it's writing a business case or if I need a soundboard, Gartner are always there to provide that.

Gary Adler

Chief Digital Officer, MinterEllison

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