Accelerating Growth by Building Improved Client Relationship

Vigilant Asia

Vigilant Asia’s clientele includes a wide variety of businesses, from small SMEs to large corporates, including FSIs. With the region facing an acute shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, Vigilant wanted to fill that gap by providing quality service to clients to grow their business.

Mission-critical priority

  • Drive top-line revenue by increasing the organization’s client base and catering to customers by focusing on solutions and services that benefit them.
  • Address cybersecurity blind spots brought about by the shift toward remote working by improving customers’ visibility to face increased attack surface vectors. 

How Gartner helped

  • Gartner experts provided Vigilant with critical insights to improve its business and gain a differentiating advantage over local competitors
  • Gartner experts supplied feedback on useful tools and solutions to help Vigilant embrace technologies that address challenges faced by organizations worldwide
  • Gartner helped Vigilant improve their sales commission structure to be more competitive
  • There was significant internal improvement in technology adoption plans resulting in a more comprehensive MDR service that adheres to industry best practices

Business impact

With Gartner support: 

  • There was significant internal improvement in technology adoption plans.
  • Business and process review by Gartner experts and subsequent tweaking have increased Vigilant’s efficiency and led to improvements in service quality.
  • Vigilant increased its customer base in a very short period of time, which led to revenue gains of more than 200% in 2021.



Ramesh Naidu, COO 

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Our relationship with Gartner has been very good and fruitful. Gartner provided us with useful and relevant information that we need to run and grow our business. The analysts were particularly helpful in vendor briefings, which enabled us to make the right pitch to our customers and grow our revenues.

Ramesh Naidu

Chief Operating Officer, Vigilant Asia

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