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S2E Solutions to Enterprises 

S2E is a cutting-edge business and technology firm with fintech, insurtech and cybertech innovation as its fundamental business drivers. S2E sought Gartner's expertise to expand its market share by staying at the forefront of technology and innovation and to provide a seamless customer experience along with revenue growth.

Mission-critical priorities

1. Adoption of emerging trends: Hearing about the robotic process automation (RPA) trend emerging, S2E did not have much information about:
• The level of future adoption it would have
• The demand scale 
• Reasons behind this new technology emerging
• The most innovative players in the market
The lack of a 360-degree view of the market made it difficult to identify and evaluate vendors in order to have a diversified portfolio.

2. Talent attraction and retention: As a tech advisor, S2E needed to scout and hire talent to sustain growth. S2E looked to refine the employee value proposition to be attractive on the labor market, increase the number of employees and boost retention.

3. S2E needed precise expertise on go-to-market strategy, repositioning from a traditional system integrator to an innovation business technology consultant.


How Gartner helped

1. Technology-and industry-specific insights, market trends, data and dedicated tools, such as Hype Cycles to better understand the impact of those technologies as well as the opportunities and risks they present.

2. Adopting new talent strategies and diving deeper until the fine-tuning of job postings and descriptions focused on the enhancement of human capital and how to work smarter and together as an organization.

3. Providing expert advice to understand the market, its competitive forces and landscape, as well as in evaluating other vendors’ solutions.

Business impact

With Gartner's guidance, S2E achieved:

Enhanced efficiency: By leveraging Gartner’s resources (documentation, surveys, market research, and inquiries with analysts) S2E was able to:

  • Save approximately two months' time in market research
  • Avoid hiring an external consultancy firm
  • Avoid purchasing costly one-off market reports
  • Free up human capital to focus on S2E’s core business

Portfolio Differentiation: Gartner analysts reviewed S2E's priorities and needs and suggested which new, innovative solutions and vendors (technology providers) would suit them and could provide value in the upcoming years. With Gartner's guidance, S2E was able to onboard three new vendors. 

Business and Technology Consultants



Cesare Moroni; Ceo And Co-founder



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Gartner’s insights have enabled me to anticipate trends and spot potential disruptions early on, allowing me to take proactive measures to protect the business I founded.

Cesare Moroni

Ceo and Co-founder, S2E

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