Assessing Market Opportunities to Drive Growth

A high-growth storage firm who had traditionally sold to mid-market companies was looking to expand their market to Forbes Global 2000 customers. Through Research, Advisory and Consulting services, Gartner provided key insights and analysis to determine the market potential within each storage segment and develop a list of industry-specific use cases to help the client identify where- and how-to-play in target markets to sustain current growth rates.

Mission-critical priority

The client sought to expand their target market from mid-market to Forbes Global 2000 customers. The client needed to understand the market potential within each storage segment (on-premises, hybrid and cloud) and develop a list of use cases based on industry-specific priorities to help them identify where-and how-to-play in target markets.

How Gartner helped

  • Gartner Consulting leveraged our unique Forecasts on storage, hybrid solutions and cloud services – along with client specifics and deep industry expertise – to generate market size and growth for key segments for Global 2000 enterprises within 13 industry verticals. 

  • As part of the custom consulting deliverable, Gartner identified ~90 use cases highlighting applications in core operations and emerging technologies, including a comprehensive view of each use case with technology and industry-specific nuances for each use case.

Business impact

With Gartner support, the client: 

  • Generated an exhaustive view of use cases tied to opportunity and ability to execute criteria, allowing the client to take a portfolio approach to allocating investment and forecasting ROI on an ongoing basis

  • Prioritized use cases deep dives provided an extensive view into market dynamics (vendor landscape, solution requirements, market gaps, etc.) and multiple point-of-entry strategies for channel planning and enablement

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