Building a Digital Platform for the Future

Heritage Bank

To fulfill its “people first” philosophy and realize its mission to deliver a great customer experience every time, Heritage Bank required a complete digital transformation. Gartner expertise supported Heritage Bank’s development of an IT strategy aligned to the corporate strategy, and enabled them to continue IT investment and meet the demands of digital business growth.

Mission-critical priority

Heritage Bank’s systems needed to be streamlined with technology initiatives to move from manual to automated processes, and they needed guidance to revamp IT innovation and build an advanced digital platform.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided technology insight, best practice research, toolkits and strategic support to align the right technologies to strategic priorities and guide platform and application portfolio decisions. The Gartner for Technical Professional subscription guided key operational decisions. Managing customer identity and streamlining security processes enabled our client to make the right decisions and stay safe, yet flexible and agile, throughout the initiative.

Business impact

Working with Gartner for Information Technology Leaders enabled Heritage Bank to:

  • Enhance the credibility of all digital initiatives across the business, leading to operational excellence that directly impacted service delivery
  • Attract new customers while maintaining existing relationships
  • Complete transformation into a digital bank with a physical presence

Financial Services

40.39 crores AUD


Chief Information Officer

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Information Technology Leaders

Heritage Bank looks to maintain its values as it embraces new technologies by transforming from a traditional physical bank with a digital presence to a digital bank with a physical presence.

Wayne Marchant

Chief Information Officer, Heritage Bank

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