Building a Resilient Organization During Crisis


ConocoPhillips experienced a 50% revenue decline due to a collapse in crude oil prices. The company created a resilient environment by building a strong IT infrastructure that better aligned to business and employee needs. Gartner research and advisory services helped ConocoPhillips build company resiliency and emerge from the crisis stronger.

Mission-critical priority

The CIO of the organization was expected to evolve his role to create a resilient workforce and business environment to drive a competitive advantage for the organization.

How Gartner helped

Gartner research and experts were critical in providing strategic inputs to build a next generation IT infrastructure in order to support their current, as well as future, business requirements.

Business impact

With the support of Gartner for IT Leaders, ConocoPhillips was able to:

  • Build its data and analytics organization as a way to give the company a competitive advantage
  • Retain workforce to drive business outcomes
  • Implement strategic initiatives to uplift company resiliency during disruption

Oil and gas

US$38.727 billion


Mike Pfister, CIO, ConocoPhillips

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Resiliency comes from experience...A little harder to measure, but just as important from a retention perspective, we're now in a position that the next time this comes around that there will be other companies that maybe didn't put as much effort into that, maybe didn't build that same resiliency.

Mike Pfister

CIO, ConocoPhillips

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