Building Brand Personality to Attract New IT Talent

Provincie Antwerpen

Provincie Antwerpen is a government organization that wanted to create an inspiring brand personality in the market to attract new IT talent and staff for the digital challenges of the future. The Gartner IT Budget framework helped this organization identify cost optimization scenarios in its sourcing strategy, inspired them to identify their strategic products and make the shift from a project to a product organization. Cost savings were enabled by insourcing IT talent on the strategic products.

Mission-critical Priority

Provincie Antwerpen wanted to build a better brand on social media to attract new talent and at the same time better meet the business needs by organizing itself around strategic product teams. Existing talent was enhanced by creating a solid knowledge and talent-driven way of working. 

How Gartner helped

With the help of Gartner Executive Programs, Provincie Antwerpen did an IT Budget and IT Score assessment with the CIO and line managers. This made them identify that most of the budget was routed toward costly talent outsourcing on the main strategic products. Hence, Gartner helped them make better decisions in terms of minimizing costs, focused maturity increment and ensured a solid knowledge framework for the existing talent to flourish.

Business Impact

With Gartner support, Provincie Antwerpen was able to attract new talent and better meet business needs by:

  • Saving costs with solid internal knowledge and talent, driving the way of working and insourcing talent on strategic products.
  • Taking quality decisions in terms of incorporating social media and brand development in their sourcing strategy.
  • Saving time by fast-tracking decisions with a Gartner Executive Partner.

Public Sector

$250 Million


Chief Information Officer

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner fast-tracks us toward creating business value. The monthly reviews with our Executive Partner helped us stay on track and increase the perceived value of IT services.

Tom Scheefhals

Head of ICT, Provincie Antwerpen

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