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Rightscale Group, an Australia-based martech company, wanted to drive growth by redefining its value proposition and building the business’s long-term strategic direction. Through a combination of technology, market and go-to-market experts, Gartner assessed Rightscale Group’s market direction, reviewed its marketing and strategic content, and provided ongoing feedback, ultimately helping clarify the company's value proposition and shape its brand messaging and growth strategy.

Mission-critical priority

Rightscale Group wanted to build brand awareness and credibility to position itself as a leader in the martech space, with the goal of driving growth and market reach. Central to this was the need to clearly articulate the company's value proposition, product positioning and long-term strategic direction. This would lay the foundation for the Rightscale Group to focus on customer acquisition and build the uptake of its DataWeavers platform and partner program to enable scalable growth.

How Gartner helped

Gartner worked with Rightscale Group:

  • To deliver market and product strategy insights through a combination of technology advice and market and go-to-market Gartner experts
  • By being a sounding board for the leadership team
  • By assessing Rightscale Group’s market direction and clarifying its product roadmap (based on quantifiable research and qualitative insights from the market)
  • By reviewing the company’s marketing and strategic content through an ongoing feedback loop

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Rightscale Group was able to: 

  • Reposition its entire messaging framework and approach in order to deliver a compelling business vision and brand to the market and investors
  • Uncover new insights around product-as-a-service delivery and messaging, as well as build out a comprehensive partner program
  • Accelerate its go-to-market process by understanding key business priorities and market opportunities
  • Drive customer acquisition by building a vertical-specific go-to-market strategy


Technology, Software

AUD $4 million +



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Being able to have conversations and clarity on things and the ability to access different experts — I knew this would be useful, but I didn’t realize how useful this would be.

Ben Shapiro

CEO, Rightscale Group

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