Building Credibility and Improving Go-To-Market Strategy


Founded in 2017, Finema provides a decentralized identity platform and identity-proofing service for their local as well as international clientele looking to enter the Thai market. With almost 80% of their revenue coming from the government, they wanted to tap into the huge demand for digital onboarding solutions and cater to more varied clients globally.

Mission-critical priority

Target companies who are looking to transition from using physical credentials as means of validation to using Finema's digital onboarding and identity-proofing solutions. 

How Gartner helped

  • Finema's use of the Gartner® Hype Cycle® enabled them to get a holistic view of their team and the services they offer, their strengths, and areas of opportunity. 
  • The Gartner® Hype Cycle® also helped Finema in understanding where their technology stood across the industry landscape, and offered new ways of expanding its products to cater to other markets.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support:

  • Gartner's insights and objective researches helped Finema expand beyond Thailand and make significant impacts in international markets. 
  • Gartner analysts helped Finema with their go-to-market strategies and product targeting, which helped them tap into the demand for digital decentralized identity

Information Technology


Pakorn Leesakul, CEO and Co-Founder

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I can't imagine what it would have been like had we not been Gartner's clients. Their objective research and the 1 on 1 session with analysts helped us gain a lot of insight into the strength of our team and the areas of opportunity. 

Pakorn Leesakul

CEO and Co-Founder, Finema

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