Business Transformation Through Digital Strategy and Culture Change

The Office of Industrial Relations

The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR), a government agency, was seeking help to develop a strategy that would resonate well with staff, who were feeling disconnected from the work that was previously led by consultants. With Gartner tools and advisory support, the team were able to work on our strategy approach using thought leadership and the sizing of a digital strategy tailored to our organization which aided in culture change.

Mission-critical priority

To implement a Transformational Change Program with a focus on modernising a number of business areas, improving relationships with the business and driving cultural change while raising the profile of IT and getting IT's voice heard at an executive level.

How Gartner helped

OIR worked with Gartner to utilise:

  • Gartner Research: Gartner’s strong research material on culture, people, relationships and IT value proved instrumental in OIR's decision to turn challenges in Portfolio decision making into opportunities. 
  • Gartner Peer Review: The strength of Gartner’s advisory service allowed the OIR to seek peer review, a valuable tool which allows for the finessing of content. OIR honed a strategy that speaks to continued business modernisation and importantly an internal focus on stronger core foundations.
  • Gartner Resources: Gartner provided resources that allowed OIR to think about its core value proposition
  • Gartner Branding Exercise: Gartner brought in a mindset change in staff through various branding exercises.

Business impact

With Gartner's support, OIR was able to:

  • Hone a strategy that speaks to continued business modernisation and importantly an internal focus on stronger core foundations.
  • Change the perception of ICT from a back end corporate function to strong strategic partners. 
  • Identify efficiencies with knowing business risks before they become issues. 
  • Avoid the cost of shared enterprise thinking aligned to a digital plan versus responsive siloed business request. 
  • Increase satisfaction levels from customers resulting in lower calls and less complaints when issues are communicated, and accountability is clearly defined.

Public Sector

Approximately 800+

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For me the highest value I place on our engagement is how Gartner have aided in the cultural change I see in my team.

Michele Elliston

Senior Director, Office of Industrial Relations

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