IT Cost Optimization and Technology Innovation

AGL Energy

AGL Energy, Australia’s leading energy company, was looking for guidance around cost-efficiency, automation, artificial intelligence and data management. By leveraging Gartner optimization workshops, Gartner BuySmart™ and advisory services, AGL Energy was able to optimize costs by more than 10%.

Mission-critical priority

The CTO was looking for guidance and support with identifying the right cost optimization strategy, including vendor evaluation and overhead identification.

How Gartner helped

By working with Gartner, our client was able to take advantage of cost optimization through contract review support and overhead reduction strategies, thereby gaining efficiencies through multiple avenues. Gartner provided tangible benefits to AGL Energy through optimization workshops, advisory and support services, plus out-of-the-box thinking.

Business impact

Working with Gartner for IT Leaders enabled AGL Energy to:

  • Optimize more than 10% of the cost of IT initiatives
  • Add value to the organization with out-of-the-box thinking 
  • Understand market dynamics to apply automation

Energy Utilities

1,285.7 crores AUD


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

We had a lot of optimization workshops [in collaboration] that sparked a lot of thinking and creativity to save money.

John Taylor

CTO, AGL Energy

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