Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Western Health

The Value of Gartner Event Sponsorship

To support new models of healthcare and provide better health outcomes, Western Health, a community-based health services provider, needed to drive an enterprisewide digital transformation. With the use of Gartner research and expert advisors, the client was able to develop a strategic roadmap to expand its digital footprint and drive the next steps for their electromagnetic resonance (EMR) journey.

Mission-critical priority

Our client, the EMR program director at Western Health, needed guidance to expand the organization’s digital footprint, and develop an effective plan for EMR journey to enhance virtual care and provide better health outcomes.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided expert advice and insights that helped our client to think outside of the box, and expand their technology footprint and virtual care requirements. With guidance from Gartner experts, the client was able to gather evidence to support the benefit of having a wider EMR footprint and develop an effective business case to present to the board.

Mission accomplished

With support from Gartner for IT Leaders, Western Health successfully: 

  • Developed a roadmap to expand its EMR footprint.

  • Prepared a business case in a condensed time frame (less than three months).

  • Set up the governance and team structure.

Hospital and Healthcare



EMR Program Director

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

With Gartner research, you can actually demonstrate that this has been done before and that is how you can actually do it....Having one-on-one analyst calls helps you think outside the box a lot....I think that’s always very, very beneficial for me.

Lily Liu

EMR Program Director, Western Health

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