Digitalization Efforts to Become a “Digital-Driven Company”

ASICS Corporation

ASICS has a global presence in the sports goods market, starting with sports shoes. In order to achieve further growth, the firm is strengthening its services in the digital area, aiming to become a “digital-driven company” as part of its corporate strategy. In addition to its business based on its current product lineup, ASICS also wants to provide personalized service to each customer and bring new value to their sports experience.

Mission-critical priority

To become a digital-driven company, ASICS needed to strengthen its front-end consumer platforms as well as integrate its back-end systems, and build an environment to enable data-driven business decision making and problem resolution.

  • Strengthen direct-to-consumer (DTC) business:
    • Strengthen personalization on its e-commerce (EC) site and shift to an omnichannel strategy, linking EC with physical stores.
    • Secure digital talent.
    • Increase touchpoints with individual customers and improve loyalty by providing more convenient services.
  • Strengthen IT infrastructure:
    • Implement master data management (MDM).
    • Transform ERP, which is distributed across 25 locations globally, into single-instance.

How Gartner helped

ASICS has utilized Gartner’s services in the following areas:

  • Insight and guidance on specific issues from inquiries with Gartner experts and from the Gartner executive partner:
    • Review and discussion of best practices, ways of thinking, and markets in digital commerce and digital business
    • Guidance on communication and behavior for effectively utilizing diverse talents
    • Review of case studies and market trends in each region, including Japan, Asia, America and Europe
  • Networking:
    • Discussion with overseas firms in the same industry

Business impact

Through its various efforts, ASICS achieved the following:

  • E-commerce revenue in FY2020 doubled from the previous year. Going forward, ASICS will shift to omnichannel, linking EC with physical stores to further improve customer convenience.
  • As of December 2020, 3.94 million people had registered for the free member service OneASICSTM. Using customer data, Asics was able to provide personalized services and increase customer loyalty.
  • ASICS has nearly completed shifting ERP global to single-instance. The company has standardized application and data integration, and expanded the use of data-driven decision making and operations.


USD $2.87 billion (Consolidated, in FY ending December 2020)

8,904 (Consolidated, as of December 31, 2020)

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner provides valuable information to aid our digitalization efforts. It’s an area where non-IT expertise is required, and we utilize insights from Gartner’s experts to develop strategies and explain matters to board members.

Mitsuyuki Tominaga

Chief Digital and Information Officer, ASICS Corporation

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