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Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI)

To improve public health outcomes and manage customer interactions effectively, VAHI, an Australian government agency, needed to build an interactive information portal. Through the use of Gartner research and access to expert advisors, the client developed a strategic roadmap to a user-friendly information portal and deliver enhanced healthcare services.

Mission-critical priority

Our client, the director of information infrastructure, management and standards, needed to build a portal that would enable the public to access their own data and make smarter health decisions.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided expert advice and insights that helped our client to establish an enterprise data warehouse, build an effective information portal and get exposure to the best practices for stakeholder management. Additionally, the client leveraged Gartner conferences and events to augment his thinking and create value for the organization.

Business impact

With support from Gartner, VAHI successfully: 

  • Established an enterprise data warehouse

  • Developed a roadmap to build an effective information portal

  • Optimized the deployment of resources to maximize performance

  • Improved decision making and saved time

Government Administration

Director of Information Infrastructure, Management, and Standards

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It gives me confidence knowing that I have results to lean on…timely advice on things that you can’t find on Google, they are in the knowledge bank of Gartner.

Steve Graham

Director of Information Infrastructure, Management and Standards, VAHI

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