Enabling Business Transformation for Better Patient Outcomes

Mater is a large Australia based healthcare, education and research provider that has been leveraging Gartner services to help drive digital business transformation in response to rapidly changing community needs. Mater has been investing in an agile digital workplace to enable staff to efficiently deliver services to its consumers. This investment has included a refresh of key business and clinical applications, the addition of new modern collaboration platforms, an infrastructure refresh and a full network refresh to a digital hospital standard.

Mission-critical priority

Focusing on business-enabling priorities, including:

  • Transitioning from traditional licensing models and legacy platforms to an evergreen and agile model for growth and scalability
  • Digital workplace investment, persona planning, strategy and execution aligned to best practice approaches, saving money and time
  • Enabling business transformation programs around business applications, including ERP, CRM and clinical applications, with the aim of scaling clinical services for better patient outcomes
  • Significant cost avoidance and savings through the vendor selection and negotiation processes

How Gartner helped

By receiving invaluable support and guidance from Gartner, Mater Group has:

  • Leveraged Gartner resources and benchmarking to compare peer organizations, helping to contextualize the digital strategy
  • Mapped out and executed digital workplace personas based on specific mobility
  • Made informed decisions during the vendor selection process through specific Gartner analyst sessions, significantly accelerating vendor decision making and saving considerable project planning effort
  • Leveraged Gartner research and analyst calls to accelerate project delivery approaches for specific outcomes to business problems

Business impact

With Gartner support, Mater Group was able to:

  • Align the digital strategy to the business strategy
  • Develop a digital transformation portfolio of projects that supports Mater in delivering on its mission to meet the needs of its consumers
  • Build a digital champions network, recommended by Gartner, to help drive adoption and higher internal efficiency
  • Save a great deal of time and money developing assessment criteria with confidence through expert analyst support and fast tracking project deliverables
  • Save over $3 million on a planned $11 million spend on a vendor contract because of the expert analyst advice
  • Save nearly $1 million per year on another contract thanks to the expert analyst advice


$1 billion +

7,300 approx.

Director of ICT Customer Experience

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

When delivering on digital transformation, the key questions are what, how and when? That’s where we’ve relied on Gartner to give us guidance, because we can’t afford to get it wrong.

Tim Mullins

Director of ICT Customer Experience, Mater Group

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