Fueling Enterprises’ Global Expansion Through Digital Transformation

Established in 2000, Sangfor Technologies is a vendor of products and services specializing in enterprise-level security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT). Sangfor currently has 7,500+ employees at the service of 100,000+ enterprise users from 60+ countries/regions around the world, building the pillars of digital business transformation.

Mission-critical priority

Sangfor expects to make a foray into European and American developed countries while digging deep into the Asia-Pacific market in a bid to achieve its global expansion. The company has plans to:

1. Develop 60+ branches or subsidiaries around the world in support of a global vision.

2. Power product life cycle management by digital technology and create value for customers by amplifying product strength through faster R&D-based product evolution.

3. Establish a sounder ecosystem for business development where partners play a primary part and create a national brand.

How Gartner helped

With its precision insight into global users and markets, Gartner offered effective support to Sangfor’s global strategic layout and targeted market positioning.

Through frequent communication with Sangfor, Gartner experts kept the company abreast of detailed prospective tech studies, and product and market positioning with differentiation. With consultation from Gartner, Sangfor engineered a roadmap for digital products and solutions that were terminal-, network-, cloud-native-, detection- and response-inclusive. Featuring sustainable standardization and productization, this roadmap is intended for arriving at higher efficiency in product R&D and faster return.

Business impact

Empowered by Gartner with precision overseas market positioning, Sangfor now finds that its products, including SASE, NDR, XDR and ZTNA, are preferred among customers globally.

With Gartner’s support, Sangfor has been able to:

  • Sustain advancements in digital transformation for elevating productivity
  • Implement relevant product and tech information rapidly and effectively
  • Increase speed of product incubation and innovation through selection and expansion of emerging markets
  • Receive favorable feedback and win market recognition for its Next Generation Firewall, Internet Access Management and Hyperconverged Infrastructure products from enterprise users

High tech

US$800 million+


Vice President of Overseas Product Marketing

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

With forward-looking trending analysis and accurate insight into industry users around the world, Gartner analysts play a conducive part in enterprises’ strategic layout, tech selection, determination and fulfillment of market-oriented business goals.

Jason Yuan

Vice President, Overseas Product Marketing, Sangfor

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