Improving Infrastructure and Security Through an Effective IT Strategy

Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates, a global leadership advisory and executive search firm, sought to redesign its IT infrastructure architecture to reduce the physical footprint of employees in offices and create an efficient remote working culture. Gartner provided expert guidance and tools to maintain all of the back-end resiliency, security and flexible scalability the business needs to succeed.

Mission-critical priority

Russell Reynolds intended to improve infrastructure scalability and security to align to its midsize enterprise's growing needs in terms of remote work culture and shift to cloud.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided the insights and tools to develop an efficient infrastructure and operations (I&O) program and strategy. This involved the redesigning of delivery systems, adoption of cloud-based services and securing the access to those services.

Gartner benchmarking tools and scoring platform help to compare maturity with Russell Reynolds peers. Gartner also provides continuous advisory services, guidance on evaluating business risks and creating a value proposition for Russell Reynolds.

Business impact

With Gartner support,

Russell Reynolds successfully redesigned its I&O architecture that led to:

  • Execution of an effective cloud migration initiative for a remote working culture
  • Evaluation of cybersecurity risk with maturity assessment tool and benchmarking
  • Modernized network security infrastructure for safer access to the services
  • Saving of time and money on contract negotiations by adding more business value 
  • Better presentation and communication strategy with continuous advisory services

Management Consulting

$224 Million



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

I would highly recommend Gartner as a solution to support whatever challenges somebody is facing in business. The valuable insights and knowledge that the Gartner analysts have can really cover the spectrum of every challenge that we face as an organization and really specifically as it relates to business, as nothing is really successful until it's making the business grow.

Ron Ongley

CISO, Russell Reynolds Associates

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