Improving Security Risk Management to Enable Digital Growth

A global, $17 billion cloud service provider growing at 200% year over year was looking to significantly improve its risk management program and capabilities. The organization was highly federated, with 8+ business units operating with a mixture of separated and shared IT systems. Many of the business units operated disparate technology platforms and applications, and were subject to different regulatory requirements.

Mission-critical priority

The objective was to develop more mature security capabilities to protect the business and enable digital growth while striking the appropriate balance between risk management, ease of operation and cost.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts guided an approach and engagement strategy to help the risk team understand business drivers more deeply, communicate the business impact of cyber risk and gain agreement on the business value of security across the organization. 

Gartner's risk management framework was also utilized, focusing on business KPIs and KRIs to build an integrated risk management strategy.

Business impact

Working with Gartner, the client was able to: 

  • Significantly improve the business's understanding of how investments in the security program supported critical business objectives

  • Link the business risk and performance management program with the security risk management program

  • Improve ongoing business engagement in security governance 

  • Pivot executive-level security metrics from pure operational measures to strategic business outcome measures

Technology Service Provider

Over. $15 Billion

Over 20,000

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