Improving Technology-Related Investment Decisions

Savola Group

Savola Group is an investment holding group for the food and retail sectors. Seeking to make better data-driven decisions and align technology innovation to align with their business goals, they leveraged Gartner resources to help them save money, innovate processes and improve their technology strategy.

Mission-critical priority

Savola Group sought to innovate their IT technology and processes while optimizing where possible to save money.

How Gartner helped

Through interactions with Gartner experts, Savola set clear IT objectives and strategies. They focused on re-evaluating their vendor relationships to save money on IT investments, as well as improving contract terms to align to their strategic needs.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Savola Group successfully:

  • Negotiated contracts with vendors, saving costs and improving terms.
  • Designed IT strategy and refined operations to execute.

Investment Management

SAR 21.815 billion



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Having a partner like Gartner to review offers and contracts have proven very fruitful. I was able to negotiate even with the big guys in IT and save money.

Majid Jan

CIO, Savola Group

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