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McDonald’s is a household name as a restaurant chain. Nowadays, there are approximately 38,000 McDonald's restaurants globally, serving 68 million consumers daily. McDonald’s made its first foray into the Chinese mainland in 1990 and has then turning it into its second largest and fastest growing market worldwide. In 2017, with the support of CITIC and Carlyle, McDonald's franchises in China began to flourish. As of June 2021, McDonald's has 4,000 restaurants, creating over 180,000 jobs.

Mission-critical priority

M China looks to ride the wave of digital transformation to create greater value while handling big data and millions of daily online orders at over 4,000 restaurants.

1. Effectively identify target customers and accelerate consumer-centric digital transformation.

2. Restructure, be consumer-centric, divide duties and generate value through strategic decoding at the front, middle and back ends. The front-end provides users with direct access to products and R&D teams; the mid-end abstracts digital capabilities based on internal management initiatives and business logic; and the back-end supports the IT team with tools and management approaches.

3. Directly interact with consumers, integrate omni-channel scenarios and develop a smarter digital ecosystem experience in line with China’s stage of digitalization.

How Gartner helped

Magic Quadrant, Hype Cycle, Predicts and other Gartner researches provide guidelines to better support M China in its strategic decision-making and framework development.

Gartner’s leading insights into digitalization and accurate predictions of industry developments have played a conductive role in the enterprise’s layout and planning of cloud computing and IOT, etc.

Business impact

The IT team of McDonald's China played a pivotal role in digital transformation and innovation:

  • Developed an effective management system to handle millions of online orders daily and reduce IT cost.
  • Improved procedures and responsiveness with a localized approach for more valuable insights and improved business efficiency.
  • Established a real-time AI platform for better after-sales service and improved customer satisfaction.




Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

M China, as a growing business in the process of digital transformation, has gained a lot of valuable information and insights from Gartner, from new products’ R&D to core technology evolution, from technical investment optimization to efficiency improvement with similar case reference in the new retail industry. With its extensive and specialized industry analysis and trend forecasts, as well as its experienced analyst team, Gartner provides a strong knowledge base and information pool for us to speed up our digital transformation and technological innovation in M China.

Chen Shihong

CIO, M China

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