Scaling IT Initiatives With Strategic Innovation

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center provides inclusive education, research, scientific discovery, clinical care and public service across the state of Tennessee and beyond. The IT department connects 7,200+ students and faculty across all departments and locations, making providing best in-class resources paramount. The resources ensure the successful implementation of agile and strategic plans for planned and upcoming, as well as unforeseen, projects. The CIO and Gartner were able to review and re-quantify the IT budget, which provided significant time savings by reframing the client’s strategic plan and equipping the client’s leaders with trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools. 

Critical priority

Creating and maintaining a sustainable strategic research IT plan across the university and allocating sufficient resources for the subsequent 4-5 years. The plan needed to withstand the evaluation process and be presented to executive leadership with and without technical backgrounds in a clear and concise manner guaranteeing alignment to support the decisions, funding and resources to execute the vision across the organization.

How Gartner helped

The CIO utilized Gartner IT Score to level-set the areas of opportunity across the organization and generate a strategic plan for prioritization and scalability while staying within the budget. After a series of calls with Gartner experts streamlining the insights and strategic advice, the finalized plan was accepted, and a nine-month deployment timeline, from discovery to implementation, for upcoming IT objectives was established for a project that was estimated to take more than 18 months. With Gartner expert advice, the CIO was able to articulate the strategy and roadmap with clear frameworks to enable fast decisions among leadership.

Impact on the agency

With Gartner support: 

  • Over $400K estimated storage savings was realized from the research IT plan, unifying all storage on campus into one ecosystem.

  • Expert review UCaaS systems led to deployment within a year, avoiding costly migration.

  • Actionable insight updated the learning management system (LMS) for the client within nine months.

  • Insight tools for the department were delivered that helped the client almost double yearly professional development budget.

  • The “Run, Grow, Transform” model was utilized each time when presenting to the executive team.

Higher education

$633 million


Vice-Chancellor for IT and CIO

Achieve your critical priorities with Gartner IT Score

I will never do a major purchase or buy a piece of software for campus without talking to Gartner first. I have to do that check and balance first before I even think about deploying something.

Dan Harder

Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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