Seizing Uncertainty By Reimagining Processes

Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST)

Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST), also known as the Superior Labor Court in Portuguese is the highest Brazilian appellate court for labor law issues. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the court, much like other organizations, found itself into a maze of questions struggling to adapt overnight and understand the ‘new normal’. With the daunting task to contain costs and enhance cybersecurity practices TST seeked structure and data driven insights to overcome lingering environments of uncertainty and risk.

Mission-critical priority

TST had its pre-defined mechanism of doing things, adopting processes and frameworks and was skeptical towards change. But the alarming rate of cyberattacks and an economic fallout during the COVID 19 pandemic forced TST to rethink existing structures. The leadership was looking to contain costs and solidify their cybersecurity strategy to sail successfully through the storm. This meant prioritization to effectively use existing budgets, re-enhancement of purchase strategy by modifying existing deals, and building new cybersecurity frameworks to support activities of the IT Governance committee.

How Gartner helped

Gartner analysts collaborated with TST to help them refine and rethink existing processes and positively embrace change. News ways of implementing strategies using OKR and reporting results backed by industry proven approaches led to smoother budget approvals by the leadership team. TST also tailored existing tangible and intangible asset deals by assisting and monitoring cost impact and ROI which led to modified cost effective deals with vendors and savings. 

With Gartner research notes, TST developed new policies on innovation and technological development by not restricting innovation as core to IT but looking at it holistically.  This led to a change in narrative by looking  at increased budget demands as an ‘investment’ rather than a ‘cost'. Gartner conferences and Peer Insights platform instilled confidence and made TST leadership receptive towards change where they could connect with their peers undergoing similar challenges.


Business impact

With Gartner’s support, TST was able to: 

  • Adoption of an  OKR strategy focused on strategic prioritization and execution which helped with budget organization and investment policies
  • Establishing a new regulatory framework for Cyber Security for the Judiciary and increase in maturity of the IT Governance committee
  • Successful approvals from the leadership on the IT budget which grew from R$14 million in 2020 to R$44 million (approx.) in 2022.


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