Validated Positioning and Established Global Market Trust


MoBagel enables enterprise-wide artificial intelligence (AI) transformation through no-code AI software across industries, such as telecom, healthcare, and transportation. In the midst of raising its second round of funding, MoBagel needed insights to support its global marketing strategy. 

Mission-critical priority

Leverage key insights to penetrate the global market successfully and position the company firmly in the technology field of automated machine learning and automated time series forecasting.

How Gartner helped

  • Guided MoBagel to progressively position itself in the AI market, enabling customers and prospects to understand better MoBagel’s business, key competitive differentiators, and available solutions
  • Recommended strategic data partners for MoBagel to enhance its AI modeling products

Business impact

With Gartner’s support: 

  • MoBagel was able to successfully position itself as an AI/ML platform making it easier for customers to understand how the company could fulfill their needs.
  • The company was able to penetrate the global market by using Gartner's research and resource services to reach out to vendors in the AI/ML field and build strong strategic partnerships. 
  • MoBagel utilized Gartner’s intensive research reports and analysts’ guidance to evolve its business positioning and better focus on customers who could benefit from MoBagel’s products.



Iru Wang, COO & Co-Founder

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Gartner progressively positioned MoBagel as an AI/ML platform in a way that customers can understand what stage we are in, what we can offer, and what kind of customers can look for a solution from us.

Iru Wang

COO & Co-Founder, MoBagel

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