Information Technology

Gartner Glossary

Production Devices

Production devices encompass printers, stand-alone copiers and MFPs featuring a printing speed of more than 70 ppm in both monochrome and color. Production printers perform three specific types of printing:

• Transaction printing includes statements, bills, notices and other transactional documents that are printed in large volumes. With the growth of color print, transaction printing is merging into direct marketing with promotional and marketing pieces with the inclusion of personalized color items as well. “Transpromo” refers to transactional documents that have a promotional message or third-party advertising on them.
• Direct marketing, such as direct-mail packages.
• Publishing that includes short-run printing, print on demand (POD) booklets, catalogs, manuals and brochures, which are printed on an as-needed basis. POD is also being used to print books that are published in limited volumes.

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