Brexit: A Strategic Call for UK Organisations

IT system to be ready for Brexit in 100 days

Prepare for Brexit with these innovative technologies

It isn’t too late for enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders to deploy tools and technologies to accelerate preparations for Brexit and its aftermath.

Many organisations still need to make significant system and process changes to address Brexit and its aftermath, with very little time remaining in which to complete them. Some tasks will be further complicated by constraints imposed by the pandemic. From an IT perspective, this poses many challenges for U.K. organisations.

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Know about technology innovation that will help in overcoming Brexit uncertainties.

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    CIOs and IT leaders haven't done enough business planning to prevent disruption when the U.K.'s transition out of the EU is completed.

    The key strategic questions are about the capacity and capability to conduct business operations, both in the present and future.

    CIOs must connect these questions to the overall IT strategy in terms of investments and digital business transformation.

    Organisations able to demonstrate resilience are more likely to minimize short- and long-term disruptions to their operations.

    Roberta Witty

    VP Analyst, Gartner

    Brexit still raises the same question: What comes next?

    Four years after Great Britain voted to exit the European Union, the primary question remains unanswered: What comes next?

    Watch this complimentary webinar as Gartner experts can help determine what your organisation must do now for Brexit and what comes next.

    How can Gartner help EMEA CIOs and IT leaders to overcome Brexit uncertainties?

    IT Strategic Planning

    With the continuous need to stay ahead during the Brexit intricacies, technology innovation leaders should deploy tools with a strategic mindset. How do you adjust your strategic plans for today’s rapidly changing environment? Use this checklist approach to define your strategic inputs.

    IT Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

    Unexpected or last-minute IT tasks required for Brexit may temporarily reduce the capacity of the organisation to implement wider digital innovation. CIOs and IT leaders can avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformations by following these best practices.

    Maximising Business Efficiency and Continuity

    The U.K. government is investing in digital solutions, with additional funding to help handle complexity in Northern Ireland where both the U.K. and the EU regulations continue to overlap. Technology solutions can automate complexity, submit customs declarations and manage taxes digitally to significantly reduce trade friction.

    Scenario Planning Guide

    Scenario planning is common at the organisational level to make strategic plans more robust and resilient. In today’s Brexit times, scenario planning is equally critical at the functional level, and functional leaders can leverage it to make small but powerful changes today.

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