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Top 3 Strategic Priorities for Data and Analytics Leaders in 2022

Progressive data and analytics (D&A) leaders are shifting the conversation away from tools and technology and toward decision making as a business competency. This evolution will take time to achieve, but D&A leaders are in the best position to help orchestrate and lead this change.

To help you prioritize your time and energy, we've created the Gartner Leadership Vision to provide top-level guidance on where to focus — based on our data-driven research. Leverage this eBook to

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    CIOs need to go beyond thinking and talking about information as the new oil. Information has unique economic characteristics that render it potentially much more valuable to their business than any fossil fuel.

    Douglas Laney

    Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

    The role of IT and business leaders in establishing data driven decision making

    Business leaders seeking to accelerate their digital business aspirations will need to consider how they (and their organization) make decisions. Digital aspirations will be scaled when the organization can take advantage of the ability to make more connected decisions that are more contextualized and operate in a continuous manner.

    Leaders throughout the business and across IT need to work together - each bringing their unique competencies to support the breadth and depth of the art and science of decision making strategy

    What modern day, good future-fit decisions look like?

    Progressive organizations are already complementing the best of human decision-making capabilities with the power of data and analytics and artificial intelligence - to create opportunities to fundamentally change what they do. The quality of the decisions being made by these data driven organizations is giving them a competitive edge, especially on digital initiatives. Explore the latest insights by Gartner that can help you build a solid decision making framework with data and analytics.

    The Role of Data and Analytics in Smarter Decision Making

    Progressive data and analytics (D&A) leaders are shifting the conversation away from tools and technology toward decision making as a business competency. Learn the different ways in which decisions are made within organizations and get practical steps to improve the quality of your decision making, in this complimentary webinar.

    Over 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2025 

    Data and analytics have become a primary driver of business strategy yet, for many organizations, the ability to “think in data” is still difficult. Gartner annual predictions disclose the varied importance of D&A across an ever-widening range of business and IT initiatives. Consider these strategic planning assumptions to enhance your vision and delivery.

    Enhance your Roadmap for Data and Analytics Governance

    A traditional approach to data and analytics governance cannot deliver the value, scale and speed that digital business demands. Gartner has compiled data governance best practices into a customizable roadmap that will help data and analytics leaders establish mature data based decision making strategies.


    The Secret to Better Decision Making

    Executives make a lot of decisions and stand accountable for the outcomes of those decisions. In this episode of Gartner ThinkCast, host Kasey Panetta speaks with Mike Rollings to talk about reengineering decision making strategy to deliver better outcomes. Mike speaks about how this idea of studying decision making came about and shares the biggest challenges executives face.

    Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

    Join the world's most important gathering of data and analytics executives along with Gartner experts to share valuable insights on technology, business, and more.

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