How Data Analytics Help in Making Business Decisions

Use Data Analytics to Boost Your Organization’s Performance

Data analytics bring new business opportunities

There is no shortage of enterprise data today. The digital era calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision and action.

How IT can use advanced analytics to gain competitive business advantage

With the right approach, business intelligence can be a leading source of competitive advantage. Organizations have an opportunity to use enterprise analytics to drive digital transformation and redefine the customer experience. To accomplish this, data and analytics leaders must create a data-driven culture focused on delivering business outcomes.

CIOs need to go beyond thinking and talking about information as ‘the new oil.’ Information has unique economic characteristics that render it potentially much more valuable to their business than any fossil fuel.

Douglas Laney

Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Insights You Can Use

Foster, don't fight, business-led analytics

Successful IT leaders coach and partner with business-led teams to help them effectively exploit business data, rather than attempting to control or own business analytics. Help your business tell a story with data and analytics.

Lead with business opportunities

Identify core business priorities and questions first to ensure that business opportunities are driving your analytics investments.

Design for data’s new consumers

Successful businesses respond quickly to data-driven opportunities. IT can support business goals by facilitating data utilization and reducing barriers that inhibit rapid data exploitation.


Gartner can help you capitalize on enterprise data

Enterprise data is one of your best assets for staying ahead of the competition. Is your organization taking full advantage? With the right planning, tools and guidance, you can use data and analytics to achieve digital success.

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