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Transform procurement and drive value with analytics and automation

Procurement challenges

Four major challenges — low visibility, slow execution, poor tail spend and hard-to-capture savings — can undermine your procurement organization's ability to drive value.

Effective use of automation and analytics technologies can help solve these long-standing challenges, provided you know how (and how much) to invest.

Digital provides an opportunity

Procurement organizations that use automation and analytics technologies effectively see a 54% increase in visibility, 47% increase in execution speed, 37% increase in spend compliance, and 21% increase in savings rate. 

Yet across industries and geographies, procurement remains one of the least likely functions to tap into the potential benefits of technological advancements.

Going digital in procurement

“Digital exemplars” — procurement organizations that have made smart digital investments — achieve success in three ways. They build a long-term investment strategy; over-invest in change management; and experiment with advanced technology. 

Learn how you can drive value with analytics and automation. Download our research.

You helped us clarify and incorporate ROI and other procurement-led activities into our five-year plan that generates value beyond cost savings.

Procurement SVP, Financial Services Industry

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