Implement Digital Transformation

Invest in a digitalization strategy for business growth

More CEOs expect digital business

Essentially all senior executives express some degree of ambition to become more digital. Over 80% have a digital initiative underway, and 69% believe they must become significantly more digital to remain competitive.

But what does this actually mean? For many executives, the word “digital” is simply a trendy way to say “invest in IT.” For others, it signals a dramatically different way to do business.

Barriers to digital success

44% of CEOs report that digital investments are not improving net profit. The majority of strategy leaders say that investments are too small and insufficiently transformational to capture the opportunities digital presents. 

Digitalization success depends less on having the most advanced technologies and more on having the right operating systems. Business skills, incentives and operating models have 15 times more impact on the likelihood of success in digitalization than changes in digital technologies.

Gartner helped to clarify how to incorporate ROI and other important procurement-led activities that generate value beyond cost savings.

Procurement SVP, Financial Services Industry

Insights You Can Use

You can drive successful digitalization by fostering digital-ready operating models that fast-track and simplify management processes and foster collaboration between your function and the business to streamline handoffs.

First, get clear about the terms of digital. Next, define the enterprise capabilities needed for digital business. Then, determine the role your function needs to play to enable digital business, and the role of digital in executing the requirements of your function.

Close marketing’s digital gap

Marketing is one of the biggest areas of business being impacted by digitalization. Get ahead of your competitors and transform your marketing function.

Make digital transformation a reality

Digitalization is now a top priority for business and IT. Gartner can help you devise and implement the digital transformation strategy that turns your business into a true digital business.

Procurement transformation

"Digital exemplars" in procurement prioritize digital investments that advance procurement’s primary value driver. 

IT talent drives digitalization

Pressure on recruiting to find digital talent is increasing, requiring recruiters to change their sourcing strategy to find digital talent before their competitors do.

CEO views on digital

What the top CEOs think of digital

The digital business matters to CEOs more now than ever. Learn how finance can help the enterprise commit to digital business change.

R&D digital

How digital technologies are changing R&D

To capitalize on digitalization opportunities, R&D must partner closely with business leaders to ensure products, services, tools and processes support digital ambitions. 

digital strategy

Two ways strategists support digital transformation

See case studies on how two companies navigated through digital uncertainty and came up with solutions for growth. 

Drive your digital transformation

Join us at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to explore the strategic trends and technologies that are driving digital transformation and shaping the future of IT and business. Through a mix of Gartner analysts, industry experts and cutting-edge solution providers, you’ll uncover innovative ways to approach challenges, make decisions with confidence and become an even more effective leader.

Gartner’s digitalization experts

Brian Kropp

Group Vice President,
Gartner Research & Advisory

Martha Mathers

Practice Leader,
Gartner Research & Advisory

Andrew Horne

Practice Leader,
Gartner & Advisory

Decision-Making Tools

White Paper:
Leadership in the Digital Age

What 8,000 business leaders have told us about high performance under conditions of digital change.

White Paper:
Discussing ‘Digital’ With the Street

In the past five years, the word “digital” has undergone an explosion in usage and meaning.

White Paper:
Not All Companies Are Tech Companies

Digital technologies reshape the economy but technology workers still remain concentrated in one sector.

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