Internet of Things: Unlocking True Digital Business Potential

Leverage IoT strategy to innovate and differentiate

IoT is not just a technology initiative anymore

Organizations implementing IoT are increasingly focusing on the business outcomes of the technology. IoT initiatives are no longer driven by the sole purpose of internal operational improvement. IT and business stakeholders must work together to align IoT projects with business objectives for improving revenue and customer experience, but they are bound by legacy approaches. Organizations with high levels of IoT maturity achieve higher rates of success in their IoT adoption. 


61% of enterprises show a high level of IoT maturity.

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Define measurable IoT goals

Adopting IoT solutions and achieving business outcomes is complex. Organizations lacking experience in adopting IoT-based digital technologies need a well-defined IoT strategy and a set metric to measure success. IoT leaders must develop a clear understanding of the enterprise’s business objectives and the CEO’s strategic imperatives. Work closely with business stakeholders to ensure that outcomes align with strategy.

63% of enterprises expect they will achieve financial payback in 3 years for their IoT projects.

Gartner IoT Insights you can use

Internet of Things is among the most-hyped technologies that could reshape the way companies operate. The hype around IoT makes it an essential topic for strategy leaders seeking to stay on top of emerging trends and to navigate digital transformations. Use Gartner research and insights to create and deploy stronger action plans and detailed decisions required for IoT strategy success.

IoT evolution and how it impacts your business

IoT solutions have moved beyond the hype to deliver real business benefits. In this latest IoT special report, learn about best practices to take advantage of new opportunities created by IoT and how you can build the business and technology foundations as securely as possible to continue to foster IoT growth and impact.

Create an Internet of Things strategy for the future

With the wide adoption use of IoT, various IoT enabling technologies are evolving. The increasing maturity in IoT combined with other complex technologies has huge potential for transformation but also presents some challenges. This report shares key predictions to help IT leaders plan for a smooth implementation of IoT solutions.

IoT adoption trends: Where your competitors are investing

IoT is regarded as one of the top five game-changing technologies due to its ability to create new sources of data, provide real-time performance updates and create new value propositions. This report looks at how far your peers have come with IoT, and the budget and financial requirements for new IoT adopters.

What’s next for IoT?

The Internet of Things is evolving into a significant component and a major contributor to digital business initiatives across organizations. This Hype Cycle outlines the key areas that enterprises should evaluate as they accelerate their IoT initiatives.

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