Change in the digital age is commonplace, but few could have predicted the changes 2020 has brought. As a CIO and IT leader, you must create the future for your organization in these unprecedented times. Gartner's Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2021 highlight nine trends that have transformational potential.

Trend Highlight: Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

A key trend coming out of this year's list is the need for location independence. Right now, many people work remotely in a digital-first mode. IT leaders must provide location-independent services. IoT edge cloud -- which includes Internet of Things consumer and industrial capabilities -- is one example of how to get there.

For those who are not working remotely, workplaces of the future will evolve in response to the pandemic regardless of whether they’re offices for knowledge workers or automobile manufacturing plants. The changes will include the adoption of remote support technologies using mobile devices. Contactless and passwordless interactions using Internet of Things sensors, smart cards enabled by NFC and wearables will become the norm for mundane transactions such as unlocking physical access to restricted spaces, and operating elevators or vending machines.

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