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R&D Leadership in 2023

Head of R&D Leadership Vision 2023 identifies three key issues that are affecting R&D leaders and their teams in 2023, plus actions they should take to manage rapidly accelerating digital, material and power technologies, as well as foundational shifts in how work happens.

Download our eBook to explore the key actions for heads of R&D in 2023: 

  • Build the R&D workforce of the future
  • Reimagine R&D operations using digital technology
  • Assemble the future-focused technology pipeline

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    Gartner offers a series of surveys on topics including innovation climate and R&D function maturity that yield actionable, practical suggestions for improving.

    Chief Scientific Officer

    How we address your top challenges

    The rapid pace of technology development and business transformation is intensifying pressure on R&D leaders to stay ahead of trends and increase the commercial impact of new product development. Our expert guidance and tools will enable you to make faster, smarter decisions in the areas that matter, execute quickly and build a high impact R&D function.

    Stay ahead of technologies and trends

    Attracting and retaining technical talent and understanding customer needs are the top challenges facing R&D leaders. Benchmark your R&D priorities and investments in 2022. 

    Develop a future-focused R&D function

    Use our benchmarks and maturity diagnostics to help you understand how you stack up against peer organizations — and prioritize areas to improve.

    Measure and communicate the value of R&D investment

    Selecting the right number and types of metrics to measure R&D’s performance is critical for demonstrating the value of R&D to key stakeholders. Discover the different types of metrics organizations are tracking and should track to better assess their R&D performance.

    Build an R&D portfolio to deliver business growth

    Ninety percent of R&D executives express concern over the quality of projects in their portfolio or underinvestment in transformational R&D. Explore the two organizational competencies that will have the greatest positive impact on the quality of your R&D portfolio.

    New to your role?

    Congratulations! Gartner helps you transition confidently and succeed faster. 

    When making the leap to a new position, almost half of executives — R&D leaders included — stumble and underperform. Gartner has analyzed thousands of leadership transitions and uncovered various insights you can leverage to establish yourself as an effective R&D leader during your transition and beyond.


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