Digital Transformation

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Digital initiatives focused on future differentiation

When charting the firm’s digital transformation, strategy leaders often struggle to prioritize key initiatives and business leaders default to ROI-based metrics tuned to the current business. As a result, leaders overvalue near-term initiatives that provide limited insight into what will drive success for future business models. 

With the competitive landscape changing rapidly, Wedge Co. (pseudonym) needed to focus on digital initiatives that would help differentiate its future business model. Learn about the steps the company took to isolate the most critical areas for success.

Involve the organization broadly in digital transformation

Despite undertaking more digital initiatives with wider scopes, companies often report that they fail to achieve the level of insight necessary to learn about business model change.

See how Alpha Co. (pseudonym), a top education company, uses these three tools to achieve cross-organizational digital transformation:

  • Transformation contribution scorecard
  • Organizational and alignment learning map
  • Shared learning review meetings

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See how Wedge Co. and Alpha Co. navigated through digital uncertainty and came up with solutions for growth
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