Case Study

Maximizing Digital Marketing Performance

A global credit services organization maximizes its digital marketing efforts

Client challenges

A public company of global reach needed guidance for a digital services center of excellence with best-in-class organizational design and a full complement of skills.

  • The client needed to provide strategy insight and drive the marketing organization. 
  • The organization lacked understanding about best-in-class organizational design and the skills and capabilities required. 
  • The client was uncertain whether (and how) to eliminate external agencies and build an internal, full-service provider.
Gartner solutions

Gartner’s expert guidance built up the client’s confidence and clarified the feasibility of shifting marketing in-house by:

  • Advising on best-in-class organizational design 
  • Identifying proven workflow processes and KPIs from leading digital agencies to use for benchmarking
Business impact

Greater confidence and a plan

Gartner built confidence and validated an initial structure for a new digital marketing team.

Ongoing collaboration

Gartner and the client are currently examining implementation efforts to help maximize results.

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