Case Study

How Innovation Drove Improved Engagement for an Auto Manufacturer

Gartner helps a global auto and truck manufacturer drive customer engagement with innovative technologies

Client challenges

A Fortune 100 auto manufacturer wanted to move a brand into the luxury category.

  • The company’s innovation team was responsible for finding ways to drive the brand’s repositioning through customer engagement.
  • The team was expected to generate and present ideas monthly to global leadership.
Gartner solutions

Our experts highlighted innovative technologies to enhance customer engagement and customer experience.

  • Gartner advised on cross-industry technology best practices and emerging digital trends for improved customer engagement.
  • Experts also validated a framework for understanding the customer buying journey pre- and postpurchase to enhance customer brand advocacy.
Business impact

Time saved

Gartner’s focus accelerated navigation of the technology landscape to identify cross-industry emerging techniques.

Goals achieved

The innovation team’s recommendations for compelling, best-in-class technologies achieved the desired customer engagement and enhanced leadership’s view of the team.

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