Case Study

Client Improves Digital Reputation and Lead Generation

Gartner helps a client in the home-building industry to improve positive brand awareness after the housing bubble

Client challenges

A $2 billion publicly traded home-building firm struggled with positive brand awareness after the housing bubble collapse. The firm needed advice and a strategy to improve its reputation and position in the industry.

  • Client was building a new digital marketing team to increase lead generation conversion rates. 
  • The team needed a framework to evaluate social and mobile best practices for handling vocal detractors and improve the brand’s reputation in the home-building industry.
Gartner solution

We helped the client organize the new digital marketing team to deal with reputation and brand awareness, and to improve digital marketing strategy.

  • Gartner recommended a framework to evaluate the client’s social media approach and advised on best practices for reputation management.
  • We also provided expert counsel for an overall digital marketing strategy, which resulted in identifying a third party for capturing social media metrics and enhancing the social offering position.
Business impact

Better business alignment

Gartner’s analysis enabled the client to refine its digital marketing strategy, and build alignment and momentum within the organization.

A more successful strategy

Gartner’s counsel and expert reviews improved digital marketing strategy and action plans.

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