Case Study

Gartner Helps Travel Industry Client Improve CX

Gartner utilizes tech and KPIs to improve customer engagement and metrics for travel industry client

Client challenges

Senior management wanted to drive customer engagement through innovative technologies, yet lacked the metrics to understand customer activities.

  • They selected a team to drive customer engagement through innovative technologies.
  • The team didn’t understand the leading customer engagement practices across industries — and lacked the metrics to evaluate customer activities.
Gartner solutions

Gartner helped the client identify the right technology to enhance and measure customer engagement by:

  • Identifiying proven engagement techniques and KPIs from digital leaders across a variety of industries
  • Validating a decision framework for critical investment decisions
  • Using Gartner’s network to identify emerging technology solution providers
Business impact

Time saved

Gartner created a shortlist of solution providers and a framework for evaluating them. 

Risk avoided

Gartner identified unforeseen customer engagement risks that, if left undetected, could have led to negative brand perception.

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