Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

Increase customer loyalty and retention with smart customer experience strategy

Improve your customer experience strategy with a customer-first, channel-second approach

A great customer experience strategy is the pulse of every business today.

Over the last few years, customer needs and behaviors have changed, motivating businesses to become more customer focused. This change as also lead CMOs to take charge in CX and to strengthen their evolving role as the “chief customer officer”. 

Download our research to:

  • Learn how to create a differentiated and value-driven customer experience strategy
  • Discover a framework  to create a clear, customer-centric value statement that reflects exactly what your customers expect your brand to deliver
  • Explore insights into improving your brand's current customer experience

Customer Experience Strategy Guide

Improve your brand's customer experience and drive loyalty

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    Customer Experience Strategy Insights you can use


    • Diagnostics and benchmarks to assess your current customer experience state
    • Tools to quickly transform and develop your marketing function


    • Get more out of your CX strategy
    • Create an actionable customer experience strategy to build accurate customer journey maps


    • Access unbiased, one-on-one advice to stay ahead of the trends that matter
    • Get guidance on your customer experience strategy and top priorities from best-in-class experts who are former CMOs and agency leaders
    • Leverage our benchmarking tools and peer-sourced research to inform your strategy


    • Real-world advice from peers in live cohorts and virtual discussion boards
    • Networking at Gartner virtual and in-person conferences

    Get Started on Your New Customer Experience Strategy

    FAQs to Optimize Customer Experience Strategy

    A strong customer experience strategy is necessary for improving the end-to-end journey for customers. A positive customer experience can help improve customer retention and loyalty. It can also help convert customers into loyal brand advocates, eventually increasing your customer lifetime value

    1. Persona development: Marketers often don't start with good personas. At times, they mix up segments and personas. Segments are what the customer means to the brand, while personas are what the brand means to the customer.
    2. Understanding your customer data: Many times organizations are not focused on understanding the customer. They think they know the customer. They think they know what the problem is; however, in many cases they end up seeing only the things that are at the surface and not the crux of the issue.
    3. Proving the value of your CX program: Another very important issue that customer experience leaders struggle with is that they don't do the work that is required to make customer experience matter to leaders. They understand that they want to be customer-centric. But as budgets start to mount, or challenges come as they execute their customer experience strategy, that support evaporates.

    Successful CMOs improve customer experience strategy by placing the customer at the forefront of every business decision. The three pillars on which every successful CX program is built are:

    1. Understanding the customer better than your competition
    2. Crafting powerful and differentiated customer experiences
    3. Building a customer-centric culture

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