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A Benefit for Sephora

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 10, 2019

Sephora is getting by with a little help from a friend. After five CEO-less months, the retailer is finally bringing on Jean-André Rougeot, former CEO of Benefit Cosmetics, a beauty brand from the LVMH family. Though Sephora might not look like it needs any help turning heads, here’s how the makeup mecca could make the most of its latest addition.

Known for its brow products, Benefit Cosmetics is one of the most active brands on Instagram Stories, ushering users along the path to purchase by persistently linking its Stories to commerce, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty. Social media appears to be a place where Sephora is already leaning in: the brand boasts a strong presence on Facebook, where it touts an advanced Messenger chatbot that allows customers to book appointments. The company could add one more traditionally in-store task (shopping) to its list of ways to connect with users via social media.

Additionally, Benefit boasts a strong sense of self through its site, a glossy platform with well-groomed product pages. To top it off, the brand offers a virtual “Brow Try On” for those yearning for change sans risk. Similarly, Sephora introduced a virtual makeup artist app in 2016 which allows users to snap on different makeup products both in-stores and on mobile.

On the other hand, though Rougeot reaped sales of over $1.5 billion for Benefit, the brand itself declined digitally by ten points in Gartner L2’s rankings. In this way, Sephora might also be able to help Rougeot by providing him with a larger wealth of digital opportunity to dabble in.