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A Car Fit for a Secret Agent

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 12, 2020

Jaguar is taking a page out of James Bond’s book for its latest ads. 

Pairing up with James Bond director William Bartlett—best known for the opening credits of the franchise films—Jaguar has released a series of action-packed ads promoting its latest F-TYPE R sports car. The ads include an array of tricks familiar to the films, including cars racing against horses and driving off of ski jumps. The 15-second ads are being promoted on YouTube, which makes sense as the platform is the most influential to car enthusiasts and allows auto brands to customize content the most, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Jaguar will also be promoting the ad campaign across its various social media pages

Taking a James Bond-esque approach to advertising the Jaguar F-TYPE R is fitting given the movie character’s association with elegant, fast cars and cool fashion. Using a combination of CGI and live action that make it look like the viewer could be driving the car themselves, Jaguar hopes to evoke the performance thrills that come with its latest vehicle. The ad campaign also returns Jaguar to its roots as a polished and sleek brand, helping the brand remain prominent in the luxury car market. 

Jaguar’s Hollywood-inspired ads boost the brand’s glamorous image in a way that could fuel a fresh wave of aspiration and brand loyalty in its audience.