Daily Insights

A Chip Worth a Trip

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 25, 2020

As Americans cannot visit new countries and try signature dishes during the Coronavirus pandemic, a new line of international flavors by Lay’s might be just the ticket to give them the feel of dining on the beaches of Greece or Thailand, among other destinations. 

The “Lay’s Flavor Trip: Summer 2020” helps fans envision a summer season of traveling abroad rather than the reality of remaining homebound during the ongoing pandemic. Lay’s chips could appeal to customers who daydream of traveling again soon and potentially inspire a trip to any of the brand’s chosen chip destinations. The new chip line takes inspiration from popular international flavors that represent different countries, including “Wavy Tzatziki” for Greece, “Beer & Brats” for Germany, “Wavy Lime & Sea Salt” for Mexico, and “Thai Chili Basil” for Thailand. To  help customers fantasize further about traveling, Lay’s designed each chip bag to look like the country it represents, from the blue and white homes of Santorini to the Buddhist temple structures of Thailand. 

The four flavor variations are limited-edition and highly exclusive, so fans can only snag a bag through a social media giveaway. Social media users can tell Lay’s which chip destination they’d like to jet off to after the pandemic to win a bag. Customers can check out the brand’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page and comment on a post announcing the new chip lineup to be entered for the giveaway. Using its social channels allows Lay’s to interact with a wider audience and potentially engage with customers offering ideas for future destination flavors. Leveraging its social media prowess to connect with homebound travelers could also help the brand boost its digital presence and grow an audience of travel enthusiasts, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Lay’s started the giveaway on August 20 and is gifting the limited-edition flavors while supplies last. 

Lay’s is helping customers make the most of an international vacation-less summer by giving them an exotic snack to indulge in from home. While the flavors could inspire customers to visit their chosen country once travel resumes, the destination inspiration could also lead Lay’s to pack its bags for another round of travel-guided chips.