Daily Insights

A Day in the Life With Sonic

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 26, 2020

Sonic is taking a step away from its traditionally humorous ads and instead reminding customers to celebrate everyday moments. 

Sonic’s new campaign profiles eight groups of real fans, following them through regular moments of daily life. The first commercial release is a minute-long video showing various areas of the United States and representing the different types of Sonic customers. From a mother calming her child’s pre-recital nerves with just the right Sonic sandwich to an onion ring-fueled anniversary celebration, the brand may be hoping to highlight both the simple pleasure of Sonic and the restaurant’s menu variety. This aspect makes sense, as Sonic is known for having a  plethora of options, which it has promoted heavily in the past, according to a Gartner report. This ad is one of many Sonic plans to feature throughout the year, with other TV ad spots introducing the individual families and groups of friends profiled for the campaign. 

Sonic’s traditional slogan was “This is how you Sonic”, but the new campaign has adopted a new tagline “One day, many people, millions of orders. This is how we Sonic.” The subtle, but potentially influential tweak reiterates a message of creating positive experiences through grabbing food with friends and family and possibly fostering a new sense of community that could in turn reflect a stronger sense of customer connection and loyalty. Though the brand is very active on social media, it seems for now this campaign will stick to TV and digital spots for promotion. 

Sonic is taking a down-home, sentimental approach for its new campaign to resonate with fans all across the country. It could help strengthen the loyalty between Sonic and it’s customers—or at least leave them craving a Sonic shake to sweeten up an ordinary day.