Daily Insights

A Is for Activia

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 08, 2020

Consumer interest in health trends continues to grow, with a particular interest in the digestive health category. To meet this increased curiosity, digestive yogurt brand Activia launched a new campaign about the emotional and physical benefits of gut health. 

Activia’s new campaign, “A to Z”, aims to teach consumers about the emotional and physical stability created by maintaining a healthy gut. The brand is targeting millennial and Gen-Z women in particular, as both groups have shown the most interest in improving their health and overall well-being. To kick-off the campaign, Activia released a series of commercials set to an original song by rapper Nayim Edwards where a health-related word is assigned to each letter of the alphabet. Each ad ends with the brand’s new campaign tagline, “From A to Z, your gut is where it all begins.” 

Activia’s new ads feature a diverse group of women, which could help the brand connect with younger, female consumers who favor diversity and inclusion in brand advertising. In addition to including diversified actors, the original, catchy song could help the commercial stay memorable to consumers. For the campaign, Activia is also relaunching its “Gut Health Challenge”, a two-week pledge to eat the brand’s yogurt twice a day to improve gut health. For the challenge, the brand is collaborating with a variety of wellness professionals who will help those taking the pledge connect wellness with their gut’s health. 

To promote both its commercials and Gut Health Challenge, Activia turned to Instagram. The yogurt brand is posting an image with each letter of the alphabet and what it stands for in the campaign, alongside the hashtag #StartWithActivia. By using Instagram, Activia can efficiently target a younger, more health-conscious audience eager to learn about its probiotic benefits or gut challenge. Using digital and social media also allows Activia to embrace wellness trends, which could help it reap relevance with interested consumers, according to a Gartner report. By increasing awareness of its campaign on social media, Activia could inspire more consumers to take its two-week pledge and—if they see the benefits—convert from casual consumers to loyal customers. 

Activia is inviting consumers to learn more about digestive health through an educational, and potentially profitable, new campaign. By actively recruiting consumers through digital and social media, the brand could grow its audience of health-conscious consumers and tap into the burgeoning trend of gut health.