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A New Digital Diet

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 27, 2021

WW, formerly Weight Watchers, introduces a new digital dieting tool to help homebound health enthusiasts stay fit during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The new Digital 360 (D360) membership plan is a fully virtual platform that allows WW subscribers to join many programs that were once in person, but now online due to the pandemic. Features include interactive livestreams with health coaches, called CoachLives, and WalkTalks, which are celebrity-voiced workouts. The membership also gives exclusive access to the Weighing In series, WW’s new podcast dedicated to health tips and fitness advice from nutritionists and expert guests. The subscription service and podcast are available on the WW app, which was recently revamped to accommodate changing consumer health habits during the pandemic, like increased snacking and cooking at home, according to a Gartner report. The digital updates could help the health brand align itself with consumer demands for fitness features and digital accessibility as the pandemic leaves many consumers relying on their mobile devices for connection and engagement. 

Like many businesses, WW’s brick and mortar locations shuttered at the start of the pandemic, with many remaining closed amid soaring infection rates. While its stores closed, the company leaned into its digital strategy, leading to a 23% rise in digital engagement by the end of 2020. D360 could help WW sustain this virtual growth and reach new consumers, such as those starting off the new year with fresh fitness and wellness goals. Demand for health-focused content has also grown as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, a preference WW could also tap into via D360. Additionally, the surge in podcasting during the last year could open WW up to new engagement opportunities and widen its reach beyond its traditional mobile audience. To reach tech-savvy consumers, WW is promoting its new membership model on Facebook and Instagram, where the brand is also posting wellness advice to help viewers ease into the new year. The social media marketing could additionally widen WW’s digital presence and potentially draw in new subscribers.

With its new D360 program, WW weighs in on consumer preferences by delivering current trends and assistance to those looking to get healthy while homebound. The updated platform could keep the health brand top of mind with fitness-focused consumers and deepen its digital footprint in place of its brick-and-mortar locations.

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