Daily Insights

A New Social Media Story

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 02, 2020

Pinterest rolls out a new feature for creators reminiscent of the stories found on Instagram and Snapchat. 

Story Pins on Pinterest allow creators to post full photos and videos to the platform. With the new feature, users can now post step-by-step videos for viewers who search for relevant topics. As a platform that caters to varied arts and creative interests, such as DIY projects, home decor, and holiday baking, Pinterest’s Story Pins could keep users engaged for longer periods of time as they explore different interests and watch consecutive stories. Pinterest will launch Story Pins initially by invite-only, meaning only popular creators and brands will have access to the feature. By doing so, Pinterest can boost its influencer’s platforms and help build loyal followings on its site. Additionally, making Story Pins slightly exclusive means Pinterest could keep a closer eye on the videos posted, ensuring the content meets its standards. 

Pinterest’s Story Pins are the latest creator-focused update rolled out this year. The platform also launched an analytics feature to give them insight into the performance of their pins as well as an “engagement” tab to help creators and followers interact more easily. The internal updates follow a series of consumer-reaching campaigns, including Pinterest’s partnership with Ferrero for Halloween and a cooking campaign with HBO Max. Story Pins may look familiar to social media users as they are similar to Snapchat Stories, which launched in 2013, and Instagram Stories which debuted in 2016. The introduction of a similar story feature could help Pinterest draw in more creators and boost its interactivity rates, according to a Gartner report. Pinterest is actually in good company with its new launch, as Twitter launched its own story-like feature this year called “Fleets”, and LinkedIn began to test out its own story capability this past February. 

Pinterest’s Story Pins could allow creators and followers to engage on the platform in a way they have not before. With the new feature, Pinterest could drive more users to the site and boost its presence in the congested social media market.