Daily Insights

A New Type of Hero

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 10, 2020

Warner Bros. is partnering with the American Red Cross to promote its new movie, Wonder Woman 1984, for a good cause. 

Safety concerns during the Coronavirus pandemic have forced the American Red Cross to do away with blood drives at many businesses and community centers. As such, the nonprofit is about to face a shortage of blood donations this summer. To encourage community members across the U.S. to become donors, the organization is working with Warner Bros. on its latest superhero film promotion by encouraging fans to become heroes in their own communities. To incentivize donors during the month of July, those who donate will automatically be entered to win a Wonder Woman themed gift collection, which includes items such as a replica golden lasso and gauntlets like those worn in the film. 

To simplify the donation process and help donors practice social distancing during the pandemic, the American Red Cross created a check-in process on the Red Cross Blood Donor app where people can fill out a health questionnaire prior to donating. Additionally, all donors must wear a mask while donating, and each blood donation will be tested for Coronavirus antibodies. The nonprofit is also working with Amazon to allow appointments to be made using the Blood Donor Skill on Amazon Echo’s to further encourage social distancing. A digitally streamlined process could motivate users to become repeat donors, according to a Gartner report. Enabling mobile efforts to ease check-in and promote the campaign could also help the American Red Cross boost downloads of its app. 

The American Red Cross is inspiring people to be their own superheroes and lend a hand during the Coronavirus pandemic. By working with Warner Bros. to target superhero fans in particular, the organization could spur action in a large audience of film fanatics and help build anticipation for Wonder Woman 1984’s October release.