Daily Insights

A Picture-Perfect Ride

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 25, 2019

Mazda is teaming up with National Geographic to find a special person with the drive to take pictures around the world. 

National Geographic is holding a competition to find a person to join the science, adventure and exploration team. The educational organization has partnered with auto brand Mazda to send finalists on a set of adventures, driving around the world to photograph their expeditions. Interested photographers can submit their best photographs to a National Geographic Instagram account. The winner of the contest will have their work displayed digitally as well as being featured in a 44-minute television special on The National Geographic channel. The cross-platform promotion of the competition means that contestants could have their work viewed in the millions, and brings attention to powerful stories around the world. According to a Gartner L2 report on the topic, auto brands have been prompt in adopting savvy tactics on Instagram in bids to appeal to niche audiences. Mazda demonstrates this in finding “creators, storytellers, and visionaries” on social media.

Instagram is the best place for National Geographic and Mazda to hold this competition given the apps purpose of sharing photos. Aspiring photographers can help promote their own work just by submitting a photo to the designated Instagram account where tagging both brands can bring unprecedented advertising.

Combining two brands that encourage adventure and exploration allows both companies to reach a vast combined audience. Other brands looking to host digital competitions could look to Mazda and National Geographic for future cross-promotion inspiration.