Daily Insights

A Pizza Convenience

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 18, 2021

Pizza Hut and KFC collaborate on a quarantine food dream.

Beginning in the U.K. and rolling out to ten more markets, popcorn chicken pizza makes its premiere as the latest in a slew of strange food mashups. In an ad asking the audience to brace itself, a brand ambassador teases the collaboration as one that could break the internet. This will also be topped off with TikTok activations and Instagram Reels efforts, including a new dance performed by dance group Diversity’s Perri Kiely.

The gravy-based pie provides insight on the transforming tastebuds of consumers during the pandemic. While a want for comfort food and nostalgia have made for some curious cravings, Pizza Hut and KFC’s creation might just be the most peak-pandemic food so far. In addition to these, convenience has continued to take priority as restaurants in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants embrace it as a fulfillment strategy, reinforcing partnerships with couriers in the short term to capitalize on their momentum and ensure availability for customers while also developing owned fulfillment. But the two chain’s concoction is anything but basic. Fried chicken, pizza, and gravy all in one bite might take the cake when it comes to convenience, comfort food, and nostalgia.