Daily Insights

A Pizza My Heart

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 13, 2020

Papa John’s is making pizza delivery for Valentine’s Day as easy as pie. 

Using Snapchat, the pizza restaurant is letting users order its special heart-shaped pizza straight from the app using an augmented reality lens. The lens, which is a  part of Snapchat’s shoppable AR technology, allows users to click “order now” on the app or swipe up to order from a Papa John’s ad. The promotion includes a one-topping heart-shaped pizza for $11; for $16, customers can get the pizza plus a double chocolate chip brownie. The deal is running from February 10-16. 

This is the second year Papa John’s has embraced Snapchat’s AR lens for its Valentine’s Day promotional. The brand saw a 25% order rate from those that used the Snapchat lens in 2019, a figure it hopes to top this year. Coupling with Snapchat for the holiday also led to a slight increase in ad awareness for Papa John’s, another progression the brand would like to continue building upon. Holding a timely promotion, as Papa John’s is doing with Valentine’s Day, can prompt re-engagement from loyal customers while also sparking engagement with new users according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Papa John’s has fallen head over heels for Snapchat’s special AR lens. By recoupling with Snapchat for a second year in a row, Papa John’s may see the benefits of a long-term relationship when it comes to digital marketing.