Daily Insights

A Pop-Up With Presence

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Jan 07, 2019

Pop-up shops are a dime a dozen in the beauty market. In the sea of limited-time pop-up “experiences,” here’s how YSL Beauty left a lasting impression in both revenue and reach.

This past year, instead of a shop, YSL launched two-day pop-up beauty “hotels.” A Gifted brand in both the US and France, the brand rolled out its hotels in New York and Paris, with guests able to sneak peeks of the luxe hotels online and book tickets for a visit. The exclusive hotels featured five floors of immersive and interactive experiences, including fragrance workshops and an Instagrammable rooftop café, and caught the attention of many. Specifically, the Paris pop-up gleaned total reach of 41 million on social media and the New York pop-up drew in 160 million.

This wasn’t the first time YSL Beauty paid big bucks to turn heads. In 2018, the brand was a top performer on YouTube thanks to a mixture of big budget advertisements and universally-appealing tutorials.

Though lavish initiatives such as YSL’s beauty hotels might cost a pretty penny, the brand seems to believe in the strategy, with plans for six more hotels in the US alone. Given that the brand slipped from Genius to Gifted status in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty France, it might even want to consider doing the same here as well.